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Introduction to Kisumu City

Kisumu is a City in western Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria. It has a population of 409, 928 people per the 2009 census.

Port Florence


Kisumu Port Florence

The city was named Port Florence in 1900 when  Florence Preston the wife of the engineer drove the last nail in the last sleeper.


Downtown Kisumu

downtown Kisumu




Jomo Kenyatta grounds Kisumu

Jomo Kenyatta grounds Kisumu



The Kisumu town clock is located on Oginga Odinga street, the main thoroughfare in the City. It was unveiled on 19 August 1938 by the then governor of Kenya, Sir Robert Brooke Pophan


Kisumu Airport

Kisumu Airport

The Kisumu airport has international status and daily flights to Nairobi and elsewhere



Kisumu Museum

Kisumu museum

The Kisumu museum is one of the biggest attractions for vistors to Kisumu city


Hippo Point

Hippo Point Kisumu

Hippo Point is a 600 acre area famous for viewing spectacular sunsets

Imapala Sanctuary

Impala sanctuary Kisumu

The Impala sanctuary in Kisumu is a small wildlife preserve that is  home to a herd of impala,hippos, cheetah many reptiles and birds . Additionally, several caged baboons and leopards


Cheetah at Kisumu Impala sanctuary


Shores of Lake Victoria

Kisumu City as viewed from Lake Victoria

Kisumu City as viewed from Lake Victoria

Real Estate

Riat area Kisumu

Homes in the Riat area



Maseno University

United mall Kisumu

United mall

Aerial view of United mall Kisumu

Aerial view of United mall

County Headquarters


Other Sites



Kit Mikayi

Kit Mikayi is a 40m high rock formation located 29km from Kisumu town. "Kit Mikayi" means stone of the first wife.


Kisumu Temple


Kisumu yatch club

Kisumu yatch club