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Funzi Island

Funzi Wasini map


Funzi island is actually a peninsula that is only reachable by boat.


Funzi island is located 70km south of Mombasa in Kwale county. It is primarily inhabited by Shirazi people.


Funzi Island

Funzi island is dominated by mangroves


Funzi island is known for whitesand beaches


Pate lsland


Pate Island is the largest island on the Lamu Archipelago



Faza is a settlement on Pate Island


In 2009, much of Faza Island was destroyed by a fire



Oral tradition indicates that Siyu fort was built by a of Siyu leader, Bwana Mataka, whose full name was Mohammed Ishaq bin Mbarak bin Mohamed bin Oman Famau in the 19th century to protect Siyu residents from Omani Arabs domination.


Manda Island

Manda Island Map

Manda is a peninsular in the Lamu Archipelago. A ferry service connects Lamu to Manda which also has an airport and an airstrip


Takwa Ruins

Manda is known for two 9th century settlements: Takwa and Manda town


Manda Island


Manda Island


Wasini Island


Wasini is a 7km long island located in Southeastern Kenya, 76km from Mombasa.


There are no roads or hotels or electricity on Wasini Island


Mfangano Island

Mfangano Rusinga Map

Mfangano is located in the Eastern end of Lake Victoria.



Mfangano has 16,000 inhabitants, mostly Luos and Subas






Rusinga Island


Rusinga Island is famous as a rich source of prehistoric fossils.

Rusinga Mbita Rusinga is also primarily populated by Luo and Suba people




Ugingo and Migingo Islands


The densely populated Migingo island is has been a source of dispute between Kenya and Uganda.



Central Island

 The central Island on Lake Turkana  is an active volcano.


Northern Island

North Island is one of the three islands on Lake Tirkana