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These game rangers had to run for dear life when a Zebra at the national park went rogue. And this is why Zebras cannot be tamed.


This is what happened when the Kenya Bus service workers went on strike leaving trains as the only mode of public  transportation available

Another Angle




These two women could not settle their differences amicably so they resorted to fisticuffs drawing this afternoon crowd

This is when Nairobi was over-run by floods


Some members of the public assume vintage positions in order to views a political rally


This contortionist woman entertains a crowd with her


One would'nt expect a man in a sharp suit to engage the Police with stones but emotions usually run high at political rallies.

This gentleman caught a street hoodlum trying to pick his pocket


Death defying stunts like these are commonplace amongst public service vehicle operators


But death defying stunts are not limited to the operators. Passengers too


This creative Kenyan created a home-made helicopter



A brave tourist


This woman just found out thather husband was inside that house cheating on her with another woman



This woman, a street vendor vents her anger at a thief who tried to steal her tomatos


Another gentleman confronts a pickpocket who tried to empty his pockets


Beer is more important that a bottle of vaseline petroleum jelly


Another image of trains overloaded when bus operators went on strike


These ladies of the night took off running when they saw cameramen approaching.


In a bid to get a seat in a crowded train, these young lady decided to scale the window


This crazy cyclist was tired of pedalling saw he decided to hitch a ride on the back of this Lorry


Maasai Morans in their traditional regalia trying out a new game


This drunk who had passed out, got a rude awakening