Several schools have reported excellent marks in the 2015 KCSE exam. Chavakali Boys’ High School, where students were forced to repeat due to exam irregularities, had 300 As, 211 A-s, 99 B+s and 20Bs. Six hundred and thirty students wrote the exam. In 2014, only four of the school's 317 candidates received full results; Principal Kahi Indimuli said 313 candidates scored Ys in English and Mathematics.

Moi High School Kabarak which has 289 candidates reported 202 As in results received so far.

Results from Alliance Boys' High School, where 347 students sat the exam, included 200 As and a C+.

Maseno High School obtained a mean score of 11.393. Of its 288 candidates, 140 scored As, 122 A-, 19B+, 3B and one B-. Kapsabet Boys' High School, which had 256 candidates, obtained 90 A, 143 A-, 20 B+, two B and a B-. The school had a mean grade of 11.2.

Maranda High School, which has been performing well, obtained a mean score of 10.67, an improvement from last year's 10.5.  Of its 369 candidates, 68 scored As, 166 A-, 87B+, 30Bs, 14B-, 3C+ one C.

Kanga High School emerged the best in Nyanza with a mean score of 10.82. It had 285 candidates, 41 of whom scored As, 121 A-, 79 B+, 28 B.

Sawagongo High School in Kisumu attained a mean grade of 10.138 with 27 candidates scoring As, 100 B+, 53Bs, 8B-,5C+ and one C. The results are a stark contrast to what pertained during the 1990s when the total number of A scores across the country never exceeded twenty. Officially the ministry of education announced that there was a 70% rise in cheating. However the actuall number was much higher as exam questions appeared in social media.


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