Faux Pas by Mbilia Bel

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3 Responses to Faux Pas by Mbilia Bel

  1. kabunge says:

    The translations of these gems are really enlightening and so refreshing,could you be having “sambuluma” of Rochereau and the translated lyrics ? thanks.

  2. Mama Governance says:

    really this song make me crazy. I really like it. mbilia Bel is good at delivering messages. I also like the way she and the late Tabulay paired on stage.

  3. ocoko betty sudan south says:

    mabila Bel. she’s got the most sweet voice Africa has ever produced. he songs make my heart melt. and she is her role model to other women in her style of dressing.
    and i will miss the late Tabulay ley. he was a good dancer and very smart in his dressing.but above all i love franco the most and his T.p. ok jazz band. and koffi