Parking ya Baba by Koffi Olomide (Lyrics and Translation)

Koffi Olomide was born in a poor background. When he wa sborn, he was in such poor health that no one thought he would survive. In his infancy, his relatives called him “Antoine Makila mabe” (Antoine bad blood) due to his poor health.


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2 Responses to Parking ya Baba by Koffi Olomide (Lyrics and Translation)

  1. Anguzu Benard says:

    I am so passionate about Koffi Olomide. His songs are all momentous and thanks for the translation. I couldn’t miss your show in Kla – Uganda 2014. I love u and will always wish u d best. If only some sponsors could get u back to perform tabuleys songs “Mokolo Nako kufa” and others for d Wazei, it wld be somethg else. God bless u, ur family and all ur fans.

  2. Jeffery Itebete says:

    I like that verse that starts as follows:

    “My father raised me on sesame fish”