MP Silva should blame themselves for FKF saga

Back in January of 2015, MP Silva, an international media rights company based in London signed a lucrative deal with Football Kenya Federation (FKF). The deal was worth Ksh 270 million per year to FKF. It is the kind of deal that has never been signed by any Kenyan sports league or club. FKF were ecstatic and Sam Nyamweya announced that this was the happiest day of his life.

The deal was announced during the period when FKF was wrangling with Kenya Premier League clubs to determine whether FKF would run the local league or whether it would continue to be run by clubs as is the case currently. Naturally, KPL clubs want to control their own destiny while FKF officials want access to the massive amounts of money on offer from MP Silva. Indeed the entry of MP Silva with a gigantic deal for FKF is likely what caused the latest round of wrangles between FKF and KPL as each side wrestled for control of broadcast money.

Sam Nyamweya with Rhys Torrington signing the deal in January


MP Silva have now pulled out of the deal citing dissatisfaction with the quality of the FKF Premier League and the fact that one of Kenya’s two biggest clubs, presumably Gor Mahia or AFC Leopards is not part of the league as had been assured.

MP Silva are also raising concerns of an apparent discrepancy in the contracts sent in soft and hard copies and wants it explained while it is also perturbed that no local Free to Air operator has been convinced to take up the role of broadcasting the FKF PL.

A third issue raised by MP Silva is the ambiguity of their broadcast arrangement for Harambee Stars and the GoTV shield.

Did MP Silva try to muscle in?

One can state with a measure of confidence that MP Silva knew that KPL teams had a standing contract with Supersport. Why then did they use the back door to try and muscle their way into getting broadcasting rights for the top Kenyan league. One would think they would try and open up discussions with the KPL and offer a better deal to KPL clubs than the one offered by Supersport. This would have been better than going to FKF and using the FKF to try and muscle their way in.

Trust Issues

If MP Silva had done any basic research on the internet they would have found out that the current crop of leaders at FKF, namely Sam Nyamweya and Robert Asembo have a history of to put it mildly “lack of accountability”. It therefore comes as no surprise to anyone that FKF would forge documents as alleged by MP Silva, nor should it surprise anyone that FKF would make promises they are unable to meet. A company of MP Silva’s calibre should have done their homework prior to entering into business with FKF. That is unless they got into business with FKF precisely because they lack transparency. That might explain why they would simply give millions of shillings to FKF officials without demanding a measure of accountability.

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Congratulations to Julius Yego for a new Kenya record

Julius Yego who has already attained legendary status by winning the 2014 commonwealth games gold medal and by coming within a whisker of winning an Olympic medal, further cemented his place in the pantheon of Kenya’s all time greats by winning the Javelin at the 2015 Ostrava world challenge. In the process he set a new national record.

Yego was stuck in ninth place after two rounds and needed a good throw in the third round to stay in the competition. Rather than succumb to the pressure, he tossed the javelin a distance of 86.88m which was enough not just to win the event but to set a new Kenya record. Finland’s Tero Pitkamaki who has dominated this event in the past few years finished third.

Yego’s toss makes him the third best African ever at this event, behind only Ihab Abdelrahman El Sayed of Egypt (89.21 m)and Marius Corbett of South Africa (88.40m) . Yego’s performance is also the 45th best all time performance in the Javelin. Its a commendable performance for Julius Yego in an event that Kenya never produces world class performers and the number of world class Africans are few and far between.

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Brilliant game for Mike Okoth Origi in 1999

This is a Belgian league match between Mike Origi’s KRC Genk and Sint Truiden during the 1999-2000 season. Mike Origi had a superb game scoring two goals, creating numerous chances one of which ended up in a goal.

In this match, Origi shows why for 10 years, he was a succesful professional plying his trade in a top tier European league. Something that is still rare today. Very few Kenyans have made it in Europe. It is especially difficult for attacking players. The only other Kenyan attacking player who succeeded in Europe was Dennis Oliech.

What makes it more amazing is that Mike Okoth started out as a goalkeeper. In fact when Iterio secondary won the national schools title in 1987, Okoth Origi was the goalkeeper. He transitioned to a striker after the 1988 season.

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Nairobi Floods 2015

In May of 2015, the city of Nairobi came to a standstill due to heavy and relentless rains that pounded the city. The rain cause massive floods that were exacerbated by the city’s poor drainage system and poor or non-existent urban planning.

Drivers abandoned their cars as they were engulfed or carried away by water. Houses were flooded by rushing water. Some schools closed. Workers were unable to get to work.

The South C neighbourhood was the worst hit, earning itself the nickname “South sea”


Minibuses in the South C neighbourhood submerged


A few intrepid drivers tried to drive through the floods


A few unlucky drivers who tried to drive through the floods never made it

Many drivers had to abandon their cars


Members of the public help bail out a stranded driver


This school bus belonging to Makini school, was stranded for 10 hours with students trapped inside.

A motorist who had to abandon his vehicle, struggles to make it across rushing waters

With many cars incapacitated, many commuters had to resort to rickshaws, locally known as Mkokoteni..

Nairobi’s Pangani neighbourhood


Many houses were flooded


On a lighter note, Drinking beer is Kenya’s national pastime and these revelers were not deterred by the floods.


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2015 NCAA roundup: Joel Awich

Joel Awich is a Junior (3rd year) forward at Cal Poly (California Polytechnic State University). The 6’7″ Awich, is known for his athleticism. He is most effective when in transition, where he can use his foot-speed  and superlative leaping ability to finish fast breaks with a thunderous dunk.

In the 2014-2015 season, Awich was in the starting line-up for most games. His scoring average was 8.7 points per game, which is double what it was last season. Though not the tallest player on the team, Awich led his team in blocks with 1.3 blocks per game. This is largely thanks to his athletic ability. He was second on the team in rebounding with 6.1 rebounds per game.Awich played 29.3 minutes per game which was the second highest on the team.

Overall it was a dissapointing season for the Cal Poly Mustangs. They won 13 games and lost 16. Within their conference, they won 6 and lost 10.

 Joel Awich Video highlights for 2015

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NCAA 2015 roundup: Suzzy and Lizzy Dimba

Suzzy and Lizzy Dimba are twin sisters who both play for the Abilene Christian University Wildcats.The  sisters, who both stand at 5’11” had very solid sophomore seasons (2014-2015). Both played pivotal at the forward position and helped steer the Wildcats to a 17 win, 12 loss season.

Suzzy Dimba

Suzzy Dimba was the second leading scorer for the ACU Wildcats with 11.6 points per game. She was also second in rebounding at 8.6 rebounds per game. She also led the team in assists with 2.6 per game, which is a testament to her passing ability.

But it was on the defensive end where Suzzy’s impact was felt. She led the team in steals with 2.6 per game and in blocked shots with 1.7 per game. She also led the team in defensive rebounds with 5.9 per game. Suzzy played 31 minutes per game which was the highest on the team.

She finished the season with 10 double-doubles to lift her career total to 21. Additionally, she finished in double figures in scoring 19 times and had a dozen games with 10 or more rebounds. She also led her team with three games of five or more steals, blocked three or more shots seven times, and tied for the team lead with four 5-assist games.

Just as impressive was the fact that she recorded or matched several individual single-game highs across a dozen categories this past season, including a 23-point game at Southeastern Louisiana and a 16-rebound effort at home vs. Lamar. She also tied the school’s single-game record with six blocks vs. Houston Baptist on Feb. 25.

She was voted to All-Southland Conference Women’s Basketball Third Team by the league’s head coaches and sports information directors.

Lizzy Dimba

Lizzy Dimba was equally outstanding. She was fourth in the team in scoring with 10.8 points per game. She was 3rd on the team in rebounds with 7.1 per game, third in steals with 1.5 per game and second in blocked shots with 0.6 per game. .

Her solid all round play was crucial in enabling the Wildcats to finish the season with a record of 17 wins and 12 losses


The Dimba twins were born in Nairobi, and moved to Lubbock, Texas when they were five. While in high school they excelled in soccer, volleyball and basketball. They always played on the same team. They would have both been good enough to play volleyball at the collegiate level but they chose basketball. They had always dreamed of playing division 1 college basketball.

The Dimba twins refused to accept any offer from other universities when one or the other was recruited. ACU was the first school to recruit both of them, and gave them a full scholarship and a trip to Abilene as soon as possible. Their dream of playing division 1 college basketball came true

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Mike Friday saga proves that coaches do not grow on trees


Back in 1987, coach German coach Reinhard Fabisch steered the Kenya national football team to the finals of the All African games. It was an impressive performance considering that in those days, national teams sent their full strength squads to the All African games. He would then steer Kenya to qualification of the 1988 Africa nations cup after a 16 year hiatus. Soon after this he was fired by the KFF. He was fired because he demanded that the KFF treat players better and pay their allowances on time. When he was fired, Harambee stars fans were livid. A KFF official at the time was reported to have remarked “Coaches come in dozens”.

This appears to be the same attitude that KRFU officials adopted when they hired Mike Friday in 2013 to coach the Kenya sevens team. Friday took over from former Kenya sevens player Mitch Ocholla who in turn had replaced Benjamin Ayimba.

Ayimba, though he registered some impressive results including a semi-final place at the 2009 world cup. But he was unable to get consistent results. Under Ocholla, the team regressed badly.

Friday was able to steer Kenya to 5th place in the 2012-2013 IRB standings after they had finished 12th in the previous year. But in a comical turn of events, Friday was fired by the KRFU board apparently even without the consent of chairman Mwangi Muthee. The ring leader of this coup was one Philip Jalango. It seemed that Kenya was shooting itself in the foot only weeks before the world cup. Luckily Muthee intervened and Friday returned to take Kenya to the world cup where they once again reached the semis. But by then Friday had had enough of KRFU intereference. He resigned.

Kenya then hired former South Africa coach Paul Treu. Under him Kenya recorded some excellent results but was once again plagued by inconsistency. Kenya finished 7th in the 2013-2014 IRB standings and Treu finally resigned citing problems at KRFU.

“I wanted to put in place structures to monitor how players responded in the first year then give it a crack in the second year but things have not worked well because of the challenges at the KRU board.

“It’s a shame, really, and I am very sad not to see my vision for the team reach the 2016 Olympic Games but I am grateful for the opportunity and will always be there for Kenya Sevens if need be,” explained Treu.

Then for the 2014-2015 series, it was once again a former player Felix Ochieng who took charge. Kenya recorded some good results in single games but was once again plagued by inconsistency. But this time the inconsistency was so bad that Kenya would play very well in one match then put on a listless performance in the next match within the same tournament. So listless was Kenya at times that they almost lost to Brazil at the London sevens.

Kenya ended up finishing the 2014-2015 season in 13th place, two places above the relegation zone. In fact Kenya were battling relegation throughout the season. Not once did Kenya contest for the plate final nor did they reach any cup semi-finals.

Mike Friday proves KRFU brass wrong

While Kenya struggled, former coach Mike Friday was steering USA to their best ever performance. USA finished 6th overall, but more importantly, won the London sevens in surprising fashion. Kenya has never won a leg of the IRB sevens.

Whereas USA welcomed Friday,  provided him with the support and flexibility he needed, Kenya did the exact opposite. One of the complaints from the KRFU brass was that Friday never lived in Kenya and refused to participate in training local coaches.

Such expectations are bogus. First off Friday has a family that lives in London so expecting him to live in Kenya  does not make sense. Secondly if KRFU wants to raise the standards of local coaches, they should hire someone to conduct regular seminars. Friday should be have been asked to have a laser like focus on the national team and not be distracted by other issues. But most importantly, USA rugby did not interfere with Friday’s work.

As with KFF in 1988, KRFU assumed Mike Friday was easily replaceable and they were proven wrong.

Disorganization and Infighting

Aside from that, all the infighting and agendas at KRFU has also hindered the top brass from being able to focus on the national teams. They have literally turned what was once a successful system into mediocrity. In fact sports minister Hassan Wario was appalled by KRFU. He remarked that KRFU was once the best run association in Kenya but is now at the same level of mediocrity as FKF and other associations.

Due to the disorganization, infighting and vendettas that caused both Friday and Treu to resign, KRFU is directly responsible for Kenya’s shoddy performance at the 2014-2015 series.

George Omwela, the new KRFU chair has his work cut out. There are two more important events left in 2015, One is the All Africa games in Congo which for the first time ever will feature rugby sevens. But even more importantly there are the Olympic qualifiers.

Kenya needs to get its act in order for them to succeed. Start by taking a keen look at the technical bench. It is indeed true that the current technical bench cannot be blamed for the poor results. KRFU shoulder most of the blame for that.

However a review is warranted. It is not clear if the current tenchnical bench can deliver consistent results. Kenya needs a technical bench that can deliver consistent results. Without this, Kenya Airways may withdraw their sponsorship as Safaricom already have.

Omwela must ensure that henceforth, the team is given support and is able to deliver without interference.


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Another milestone for Carvin Nkanata

On Sunday May 17, Carvin Nkanata became the first Kenyan short sprinter to compete in the IAAF Diamond League, when he competed in the Shangai Diamond league meet. In the race which was highly competitive, he finished 6th in 20.58 but only 25 hundredths of a second behind the winner Alonzo Eduard of Panama.

“I am glad to compete in Shanghai as I prepare for the World Championships,” said Nkanata, who is glad in cruising to personal best and national record in April. The 2014 Africa 200m bronze medallist said being ahead of the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, gives him motivation. “It inspires me to work harder so I can keep my spot,” said Nkanata as he reflected on Kenya’s 4x200m disqualification at the World Relays.

“I wasn’t disappointed about a disqualification because it’s a part of the game,” explained Nkanata, who was in last year’s team that reached the final.

“We all had fun at the end of the day just getting the baton around and the experience was great.”

However, Nkanata, who turned 24 on May 9, advised Athletics Kenya (AK) to give more attention to sprints besides educating the local coaches on proper sprint mechanics and techniques.

“Having proper gymnasiums to develop strength and conditioning is paramount,” said Nkanata to the Daily Nation.


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Kiplagat, Sum, Birech win in Shangai Diamond League

Eunice Sum wins women’s 800m

Sum who dominated this event in 2013 and 2014, picked up where she left off last season when she finished well ahead of the field in the women’s 800m race. She showed her intent early, trailing the rabbit closely before accelerating over the last 250m.

Compatriot and training partner Janeth Jepksogei trailed Sum closely until the last 100m, She finished 3rd.

Kiplagat wins 1500m as Kenyans take top 3 positions

It was a very close finish in the men’s 1500m. The rabbit took off at a very fast pace and only Nixon Chepseba tried to keep up with him. Silas Kiplagat and the rest of the field wisely stayed far behind. Kiplagat who topped the standings in this event last season, took the lead on the back stretch of the last lap. He was well ahead until the last 50m when the field started to close him down. He held on to win in 3:35.29. Hillary Ngetich and Collins Cheboi took 2nd and 3rd positions.

Birech blows the field away

If there has been any event that has been thoroughly dominated by one person in the past year or so, it is the 3000m steeplechase with Jairus Birech. And Birech was up to his usual dominant self when he finished 40 metres ahead of the rest of the field. And it was a strong field with runners like Paul Kipsiele Koech who finished second and Brimin Kipruto who finished 6th. Kenyans occupied the top 8 positions.

More good news for Kenya fans is that Conselus Kipruto finished 3rd. The 20 year old Kipruto looked very promising when he won the silver medal at the 2013 world athletics championships behind Ezekiel Kemboi. But he completely dissappeared in 2014 and there were fears that his career was dissipating. He has come back strongly and appears on his way back to the top.

The indefatigable Paul Kipsiele Koech is still going strong at age 32. He has been competing as a professional for 14 years and is still world class.

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La Response de Mario (Lyrics and Translation)

The song La Réponse de Mario, released in 1987 was a sequel to the highly popular song Mario from 1985, also by Franco. The original Mario was a song in which the young man Mario is accused of avoiding women his own age and going after older women who are richer. In the end the older woman is fed up with the irresponsible Mario and tells him to leave her house.

La Réponse de Mario, the main subject Mario gives his side of the story saying that in fact it is the older richer woman who has been chasing after him and lavishing him with gifts, forcing him to be her lover and interfering in his studies by always asking Mario to come to her house.

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